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Understanding Order Alerts
When entering orders for patients, the application may display one or more alerts to notify you of possible issues with the order, or to recommend additional action by you. These alerts could occur during any workflow where you are entering orders, such as:
When reconciling medications for admission
When reconciling medications for discharge
When entering orders from the Orders module
When re-ordering from one of the following modules:
-Lab Results
-Test Results
When entering orders while writing a note in the Clinical Notes module
Alerts can be broken into two broad categories:
Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Alerts: These alerts are based on a combination of the patient’s demographic data (such as age or smoking status) and/or clinical data (such as lab results or vital signs), in conjunction with the orders you are placing. The alert could be any of these types: it might be purely informational, it might suggest alternative or additional orders, it might require you to enter an override reason before proceeding with a specific new order, or it might prevent you entirely from entering a specific new order. These alerts are displayed before you click Sign/Submit.
Interaction and Duplicate Alerts: These alerts compare the new orders you are about to enter with the patient’s allergies and all other new and existing orders for the patient. If a new order would cause a drug-drug interaction, a drug-allergy interaction, a drug-disease interaction, or if it is a duplicate of an existing order, you will receive an alert. Depending on the severity of the alert, you might be presented with a variety of options to resolve the alert. These alerts are displayed after you click Sign/Submit.

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