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Basic Steps: Entering a New Order
Providers can enter orders for their patients from anywhere in their workflow; making order entry easy, convenient, and flexible. They need only follow these simple steps to quickly add orders:
1. Choose an option for adding a new order. You can select orders from various lists, search for an order, select orders from a predefined order set, repeat a patient’s existing (previous) order, or repeat a patient’s completed medication, lab result, or test result.
See Adding an Order for more information.
2. Review any CDS alerts that are displayed.
3. (Optional) Request a notification when results are available for the patient’s lab or test order(s).
4. (Optional) Specify that the first dose for a medication order be given “now.”
5. Sign and submit the order.
See Signing and Submitting an Order for more information.
6. Review warnings or alerts for interactions or duplicate orders.

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