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Repeating an Existing Order
While reviewing a patient’s list of Existing Orders in the Orders module, you may decide that you want to repeat an order from that list. The easiest way to do this is to use the Order Again function.
Your system administrator determines which types of existing orders can be reordered. In most cases, all types of orders can be reordered, but your administrator may disallow reordering for some types (such as diet). If reordering is allowed for medication orders, then it also includes medications with additives/diluents.
NOTE: During the order entry process, you might see clinical decision support (CDS) alerts (see Reviewing Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Alerts). After submitting an order, you might see alerts about drug, disease, or allergy interactions or duplicate orders (see Reviewing Interaction and Duplicate Order Alerts). Alerts can provide clinical data or inform you of issues related to an order.
1. From the Orders Summary screen, under the Existing Orders section, identify the item that you want to repeat and then take either of the actions below:
-Select the order to open the Order Details screen, and then tap Order Again .
-Swipe right-to-left on the order’s row. When the context buttons appear, tap More and then select Order Again from the menu.
2. If necessary, review CDS alerts and complete any additional fields needed to place the order:
-If the new order has CDS alerts or required fields that need to be completed, or if your administrator has configured the order to always display the Order Details screen for review purposes, the Order Details screen is now automatically displayed. Required fields are preceded with an exclamation mark in red . Review any CDS alerts, complete any required fields, and select Save.
If the Order Details screen has a Reason or Problem field, see Adding a Reason (Diagnosis) to a New Order for instructions on how to complete it.
For lab or test orders, see also Requesting Notifications when Results are Available.
Medication orders that have an associated protocol have an Information button next to the Per Protocol field; you can tap Information to see the protocol information.
-If the new order does not have CDS alerts or required fields, and your administrator has not configured it to always display for review, the Order Details screen is not displayed. However, if you want to modify the order by changing some of the detail fields, you can still do so before you sign and submit it. See Modifying the Details of a New Order.
After you finish reviewing any CDS alerts and filling out the Order Details screen, or if there were no alerts or details to fill out, the Orders Summary is displayed with the new (repeated) order listed in the New Orders section.

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