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Modifying the Details of a New Order
You can modify any of the details on a newly entered order, as long you have not yet signed and submitted it.
NOTE: When modifying orders, you might see clinical decision support (CDS) alerts (see Reviewing Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Alerts). After submitting an order, you might see alerts about drug or allergy interactions or duplicate orders (see Reviewing Interaction and Duplicate Order Alerts). Alerts can provide clinical data or inform you of issues related to an order.
1. On the Order Summary screen, under the New Orders section, select the order that you want to modify.
The Order Details screen is displayed.
2. Change the value for any of the details fields for the selected order.
-For a free text order, you might want to enter a more descriptive name in the Description field.
-For medication orders, if you change the Priority, Frequency, or Start First Dose fields such that the number of hours to the patient’s first scheduled dose is more than half the total number of hours between doses (based on the Frequency that you selected), you may see the following message displayed in the Priority field: “Next scheduled dose in nn hours nn mins (mm/dd hh:mm AM/PM).” If you want the first dose to be given now, tap the Priority field and select Now.
-For lab or test orders, if you wish to be notified when the results are ready, select the Notify when order resulted checkbox at the bottom of the Order Details screen. See Viewing and Responding to Unread Messages or New Result Notifications.
-If any CDS alerts are applicable, they are listed at the top of the screen in yellow.
-Required fields are preceded with an exclamation mark in red .
-Medication orders that have an associated protocol have an Information button next to the Per Protocol field; you can tap Information to see the protocol information.
3. Tap Save to save your changes (or the Cancel button to close the Order Details without saving your changes).
The order is saved and is re-displayed on the Order Summary.
4. Tap Sign & Submit .
The new order with its changes is submitted to the server.

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