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Discarding or Deleting New Orders
If you enter one or more new orders in error, you can delete them, as long as you have not yet signed and submitted them. You can open the Order Details to review an order before deleting it, or just delete it directly from the Orders Summary. You can delete new orders individually, or you can delete all of your new orders at once. Instructions for all workflows are listed below.
Once you have signed and submitted an order, it can no longer be deleted. Instead, you must discontinue it. See Discontinuing an Existing Order.
NOTE: When deleting orders, you might see clinical decision support (CDS) alerts (see Reviewing Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Alerts). Alerts can provide clinical data or inform you of issues related to an order.
To delete an individual new order:
1. On the Order Summary screen, under the New Orders section, identify the order that you want to delete, and then take either of the actions below:
-Select the new order that you want to delete. When the Order Details screen opens, review the details. If you still want to delete the order, tap Delete located at the top of the screen, then select Delete in the pop-up that displays at the bottom of the screen.
-Swipe right-to-left on that order’s row. When the context buttons appear, select Delete .
The order is deleted and no longer displays in the New Orders section.
To delete (discard) all new orders:
1. On the Order Summary screen, under the New Orders section, tap Discard All , and then select Discard All in the confirmation message that displays.
All of the new orders are discarded and no longer display in the New Orders section.

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