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Managing New and Existing Orders
From the Order Summary screen, you can take a variety of actions to manage a patient’s orders. The actions that are allowed for a given order are based on its status (new or existing) as well as the actions that your administrator has enabled for each type of order. Allowed actions include:
NOTE: The Order Again, Hold, Resume, Renew, and Discontinue functions may only be used with existing orders having the same set of order definitions from the same facility group. A facility group, which can consist of one or more facilities such as a hospital, has its own distinct set of order definitions that are only shared by its facilities. An order from one facility group (Facility Group A) will not match an order in a different facility group (Facility Group B). However, facilities within a Facility Group can share a set of order definitions.
For example, if your organization has multiple hospitals and designates each hospital as a facility group with its own distinct set of order definitions and you have privileges to more than one hospital, you cannot use the Order Again, Hold, Resume, Renew, or Discontinue functions for an order that your patient had during a visit at a Hospital A (part of Facility Group A with its own set of order definitions) for your patient’s visit in Hospital B (part of Facility Group B with a different set of order definitions).

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