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Renewing an Expiring Medication Order
If a patient has expiring medication orders that need to be renewed, they are displayed at the top of the Existing Orders section on the Orders Summary. Each expiring medication order has a comment in red text that states the date that the order is expiring (for example: “Expires tomorrow at 11:00 AM”). The amount of time in advance that you are notified of the expiring orders is based on your system’s configuration.
You can Renew an expiring medication order if your system has been configured to allow this. Check with your system administrator to see if this functionality is enabled. The Renew function is not available for any other type of order (such as Labs or Radiology).
NOTE: Expiring medications can be renewed only from the Orders module; this function is not available from the Medications module.
NOTE: When modifying orders, you might see clinical decision support (CDS) alerts (see Reviewing Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Alerts). After submitting an order, you might see alerts about drug, disease, or allergy interactions or duplicate orders (see Reviewing Interaction and Duplicate Order Alerts). Alerts can provide clinical data or inform you of issues related to an order.
To renew an expiring medication order from the Orders module:
1. Under the Existing Orders section, identify the expiring medication that you want to renew and then take either of the actions below:
-Select the medication order to open the Order Details screen, and then tap Renew .
-Swipe right-to-left on the medication order’s row. When the context buttons appear, tap More and then select Renew from the menu.
The Order Details screen is displayed.
2. Review any CDS alerts and enter the number of days to renew the medication in the Renew for field, and then tap Save.
The Order Summary is re-displayed and the renewal order is listed in the New Orders section. The words “RENEW for n days:” precedes the order description, where “n” is the number of days for which the order is to be renewed.
3. Tap Sign & Submit .
The renewal is submitted to the server. The order is moved from the New Orders section to the Existing Orders section.

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