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Managing Your Favorites List
The Favorites list is a list of those items that you or members of your department order frequently. Favorites allow you to quickly find commonly used orders or order sets for your patients. The favorite orders are typically grouped into categories, although there may be a few orders at the top or bottom of the Favorites list that are not included in any category.
How do orders get added to your Favorites list? First, administrators can create a list of orders or order sets that are commonly used within each department. Next, at initial implementation your administrator can automatically add all of the orders that you have used frequently in the past to your Favorites list (using the Auto-Create Favorites option). And finally, when working in the CPOE web application or the Mobile CPOE application, you can personally add items to your Favorites list at any time.
The following restrictions affect the Favorites list:
In the Mobile CPOE application, any handheld user can add or manipulate individual orders within their Favorites list. However, a handheld user can only add order sets if they are using an iPad™ device.
You cannot add, edit, delete, or move any departmental category, order, or order set in your Favorites list. All departmental categories, orders, and order sets are locked and may only be edited by the department administrator. When editing your favorites list, departmental favorites show the word “dept.” next to them so that they are clearly distinguished from personal favorites.
If you have access to multiple facilities, you cannot save any site specific fields to a Favorite order.
This chapter describes the following procedures that allow you to manage your personal favorites so they are current and useful:

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