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Configuring a Central Provisioning Server
When using Basic Mode to log into the PatientKeeper application, the Central Provisioning Server identifies the user and automatically populates the Host field on the Login screen for that user. The Central Provisioning Server itself also has a URL, which can vary depending on whether the device is running a development, test, or production version of the PatientKeeper application. PatientKeeper staff can change the URL of the Central Provisioning Server for testing purposes via the Central Provisioning Server setting. This setting is available only to PatientKeeper staff.
Tap Settings > General > Central Provisioning Server.
The URL field is displayed with the appropriate default value for the build of the PatientKeeper application that is running on the device. For example, if running a development, test, or production build, then the URL for the development, test, or production Central Provisioning Server is defaulted respectively. PatientKeeper staff may change the URL as necessary for testing purposes.

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