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Known Issues
IOS-1899 Patient List configuration not enforced when launching PK from a third-party application if patient was previously viewed on same device
Setting Change: No
Min. Server Req'd: NA
Issue: For clients using a third-party application to launch PatientKeeper on mobile devices, a user is able to launch PatientKeeper and view a patient they were viewing in a different application even though the required configuration to do so is incomplete for that user; in this case a warning message should display stating that the user is not configured properly.
This occurs only when all of the following are true:
The user is a shared device user.
A default patient list is not configured for the user in PatientKeeper (Admin > User > Patient List > Patient List for Mobile Heartbeat Integration).
The same patient had been viewed previously in PatientKeeper on the same device, and then data was cleared or the device was docked prior to attempting to view the patient again from other application.
IOS-1986 Pending icon badge count does not match number of unfinished items on Notifications screen
Setting Change: No
Min. Server Req'd: NA
Issue: The number displayed on the Pending icon does not match the number of items displayed in the Notification screen after tapping Pending.
The number that is displayed is a count of all of the unfinished items regardless of which module(s) are enabled for the user rather than a count of just the unfinished items in the module(s) enabled for the user on the device.

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