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I/Os At A Glance
The I/Os module opens with a Summary list of fluid measures for the selected patient.
The patient heading row shows the selected patient’s name, age, gender, location, and MRN. Use this information to verify that this is the right patient.
Each total or individual I/O is displayed on its own line. The left column shows the name of the total (such as Net, Intake, and Output) or the name of the individual I/O (such as CT, IVF, Urine, or po), along with the units in which it is measured. Next are one or more columns representing all of the measurements for a particular time interval, such as 8 or 24 hours.
By default, the time interval for each column is eight hours. However, you can change the time interval for the columns as needed (see Changing the Time Interval on the I/Os Summary). No matter which time interval you choose, the columns are always displayed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent data in the left-most column, and older data to the right. You can scroll left and right, as well as up and down, to see all of the data in the table.

Why Don't I See This Feature?