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Allergies at a Glance
The Allergies module opens with the selected patient’s known allergies displayed in an easy-to-scan Summary list.
The patient heading row shows the selected patient’s name, age, gender, location, and MRN. Use this information to verify that this is the right patient.
Each line summarizes an allergy. It shows the Allergy name, Type (such as Drug or Food), Reaction, and Severity. It may also show the Source of the allergy information (the hospital or practice from which it was derived).
NOTE: Your organization can choose to show Reaction/Comments instead of Source on the Summary; consult your PatientKeeper representative to implement this feature.
If your source system sends an allergy “canceled” status to PatientKeeper, then canceled allergies are shown with a line struck through the allergy name.
From the Summary list, you can select an allergy and view the details associated with it. To view the details for an allergy, tap anywhere in the row. The Allergy Detail screen opens and displays the details. See Viewing Allergy Details.

Why Don't I See This Feature?