Viewing Patient Information : Viewing Charges
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Viewing Charges
The service charges that you enter on your mobile device or the web application are captured in a series of transactions for each patient. When you sync your mobile device, previously posted charge transactions are downloaded to the device. You can view those transactions in either the Charges module or the Patient List module. Depending on the status of the transaction, you may also be able to edit or delete these transactions.
The Charges module displays information about the following types of charge transactions:
Draft or completed transactions that you have entered on your mobile device, or on the web application.
Draft or completed transactions that other users have entered, either on their mobile devices, or on the web application.
Several settings in your user profile control the amount of charge data that you can view (in terms of timeframe), as well as the type of charges you can view (just those you have posted yourself or all charges within your department).
Most organizations limit the past charge data to approximately 30 days worth of information, in order to minimize the amount of time it takes to sync your device. If you would like to see more or less data, speak to your administrator about modifying this setting.

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