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Viewing Charge Data: Patient List versus Charges Module
There are two main views of charge data for your patients: via the Patient List module, or via the Charges module.
When working from the Patient List module, an entire list of patients list is shown on the screen, and charge status information is displayed in the right-hand column. This column displays every patient’s charge status, using a series of icons that indicate whether charges have been posted for each of the last several days . You can review the charge status of the patient visits on your list, and then go to the Charges module to enter or edit charges. See Viewing Charge Data from the Patient List for more information.
When working from the Charges module, only one patient’s charge information is displayed on the screen at any given time. If draft charges or completed charges have been posted for the patient, they are displayed. You can enter a new charge, update a draft charge, edit a charge, copy a charge, delete a charge, or simply view a charge. Once done, the Charges Summary screen is updated with the patient’s latest information. See Viewing Charge Data From the Charges Module for more information.
The main advantage to using the Patient List module is that it gives you a comprehensive overview of the entire patient list, indicating which patients have had charges entered, and which have not. You can easily see how much work is still left to be done. The advantage to using the Charges module is that it enables you to see more detailed information about each patient’s charges. You can see exactly what charges have been posted, for a longer timespan, along with service dates and procedure codes. Both are useful in different scenarios, and you can easily switch between the two views at any time.

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