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Viewing the Details of a Charge Transaction
A charge transaction contains charges and associated modifiers, diagnoses, and charge header information. Each transaction contains one or more charges, and zero, one, or more diagnoses that apply to some or all of those charges. The charge header information, such as service date and billing provider, applies to the entire transaction. Additionally, a transaction may also contain comments.
You can easily view the complete information contained within any charge transaction. You may also be able to edit the transaction if it meets all of the criteria described in Restrictions to Editing Charge Data.
To view the details of a transaction, follow these steps:
1. From the Charges Summary, identify the visit day row that has the transaction that you want to view. Select the row to display the pop-up a menu, and then select the Edit option.
The Charge Transaction screen opens:
-If the transaction is editable, the Charge Transaction screen opens in edit mode. The screen has a Submit button as well as controls for adding, removing, or modifying the charges, diagnoses, and detail fields. See Editing Charge Transactions for further information on editing transactions.
-If the transaction is not editable, you can only view it. There is no Submit button, and there are no controls for modifying the charge, diagnosis, or detail fields.
2. To view the billing header information associated with the transaction, as well as any comments that may have been entered, scroll down to the details, located below the charges and diagnoses.
3. To close the transaction:
-For an editable transaction, tap Cancel to exit without saving any changes.
-For a non-editable transaction, tap Back to exit.

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