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Lab Results at a Glance
The Lab Results module opens with the selected patient’s recent laboratory tests listed in an easy-to-scan summary.
The patient heading row shows the selected patient’s name, age, gender, location, and MRN. Use this information to verify that this is the right patient.
The module header row shows the number of lab results currently displayed, such as “Lab Results (31).” When you apply a filter, this line is updated. For example, “Lab Results (6)” indicates that six lab results match the filter and are displayed on the list.
Each Lab Result is summarized on its own line and shows the Panel name, Date and Time of the lab, highest Normalcy Status (Critical, Abnormal, Normal), and lowest Completion Status (such as Pending or Final). Each line may also show the Source of the lab result information (the hospital or practice from which it was derived). The right side of each row displays the components contained within the panel and the resulted values, as well as panel diagrams for BMP, CBC, and Chem7 (if they have been mapped at your institution).
Components are color-coded. Critical values are displayed in red text, and abnormal values are displayed in yellow text.
A blue asterisk (*) indicates that there is a comment about that component.
From the Summary list, you can select a lab result and step through a series of screens that show progressively more detailed information. See Viewing Lab Results Details.

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