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Filtering Lab Results
Use a filter to limit the number of Lab Results that are displayed on the Summary list. There are two ways to filter the results:
Most organizations have a standard set of filters based on the type of lab result, such as “Hematology” or “Chemistry.” In this case, a “Hematology” filter would include just the Hematology lab results. See Using Standard Filters.
You can filter the Summary list of lab results by searching for any phrase. Only the lab results that have that phrase in either the panel name or one of the component names are shown. See Using a Search Term as a Filter.
The module header row keeps track of the number of lab results currently displayed for the patient. For example, when no filter is applied, you might see “Lab Results (9)” in the header, and all of the available labs displayed in the summary list. If a filter is applied, the Filter button is displayed at the top of the summary list, with a label describing the filter criteria. For example, you might see “Lab Results (2)” in the module header, and the Filter button labeled, “Filtered by: Hematology” to indicate that only the Hematology labs are shown. If you apply more than one filter, the module header counts the combined number, and the Filter button label lists each of the filters that are applied.

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