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Using Standard Filters
To apply a standard filter for Lab Results, follow these steps:
1. Tap Filter in the upper right corner of the Lab Results Summary screen.
The Filters screen is displayed and shows the following:
-The top of the screen displays a list of Filter Terms. The currently selected filter(s) are indicated by a checkmark.
-Below the Filter Terms, you may see additional filters by Source (the hospital or practice from which the lab result information was derived), if your organization has implemented the Health Information Exchange feature and it is enabled in your user profile. The currently selected filter(s) are indicated by a checkmark.
2. Select or deselect one or more filters from the Filter Terms or Sources.
If some but not all of the filters are selected, a Select All button is available at the bottom of the screen; tap Select All to select all of the available filters. If all of the filters are selected, a Deselect All button is available; tap Deselect All to deselect of the filters.
3. Tap Done.
The Lab Results Summary screen displays with the lab results that match the filter criteria. The filter(s) remain selected until you choose something different.
To go back to showing all of the lab results for the patient:
1. From the Lab Results Summary list, tap Filter in the top-right corner of the screen.
2. At the bottom of the Filters screen, tap Select All, and then tap Done.
All of the available lab results are displayed in the Lab Results Summary list.

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