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Viewing Lab Results Details
The PatientKeeper system organizes lab results into panels and components. A panel can consist of a single component, or a group of components that are performed together. For example, a Prothrombin Time (PT) panel might consist of that single component, while a Complete Blood Count (CBC) panel might consist of a variety of components such as a hematocrit, a hemoglobin, a white blood count, and a platelet count.
You can review exactly the level of information that you want for a patient.
The Lab Results module opens with a Summary list that displays all the current lab panels for the selected patient. Scrolling through the list, you can see at a glance if there are Abnormal (yellow) or Critical (red) results, or other labs or panels you want to review.
Selecting an item displays progressively more detailed information. For example, you can select a CBC panel on the Summary to view either the panel Detail view or the panel Table view (see Displaying Panel Detail View or Panel Table View). The panel Detail view displays a list of the components in the panel, along with the Value and Normal Range for each component. The panel Table view displays a list of the components in the panel along with the value for each, and also shows the values from all other occurrences of the same panel.
From either the panel Detail view or the panel Table view, you can then select a component (like Hct) to see the details of the component (Lab Report view), or the component graphed over time (Graph view).
-The Lab Report view displays the details of the individual component, such as the Collected date/time, the result Value, the normal Range, the completion Status, and any Comments. Each line may also show the Source of the lab result information (the hospital or practice from which it was derived).
To look at this view, select the Lab Report tab at the top of the screen. See Viewing Component Details.
-The Graph view offers a different look at the data, where multiple data points on a single graph show trends over time.
To look at a graph, select the Graph tab at the top of the screen. See Graphing Lab Component Trends.
From the both Lab Report view and the Graph view you can:
-Go back to the panel Detail view or panel Table view. Tap Back .
-Go back to the Lab Results Summary. Tap Back again.

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