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Viewing Medication Details
You can review exactly the level of information that you want for a patient.
The Medications module opens with a high-level Summary of Medication orders, in the 24-hr meds view or in the Medications view. For both views, each medication is listed on a separate line, and at a glance you can see name of the drug, the dose/unit, route, and frequency. You can also see the medications status and which have comments (*). This might be all you need when you are evaluating your patient’s medications. But if you want more information about a medication order or administration, select the medication to see the details.
Select a medication in the Summary list to see either the order details or the medication administration history.
-Detail view: The Detail screen shows the details of the order, such as the start and stop date, dose, route, and frequency. You might also see information such as comments, PRN details, special conditions for administration, or IV additives/diluents. The fields vary depending on the type of order and your hospital’s source system.
-MAR (Medication Administration Record) view: If your institution tracks Medications Administration Records, there is also a MAR section that displays the nursing staff’s records about whether the medication was administered.
From both the Details view and the MAR view you can:
-Move to the Details or MAR screen for the next medication in the patient’s Summary list. Swipe right to left.
-Move to the to the Details or MAR screen for the previous medication in the patient’s Summary list. Swipe left to right.
-Go back to the Medication Summary list. Tap Back .

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