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Medications: Details View
The Medications module can display detailed information for the selected medication order.
1. From the Medications Summary list, tap a medication order to select it.
2. Select the Detail tab to see the details of the medication order.
-The top of the screen contains the Sig details for the selected medication, including the Name of the drug, Dose/Unit, Route, Frequency, and PRN.
-Next, additional details fields are shown. These can include Date/Time stamp for the Order, Start date, Stop date, (Hold Date and Resume Date for medications that are on hold), Ordered By, Date Ordered, Order Status, Status Change Date, Order ID, Route, Form, National Drug Code, Generic/Trade Name, and Notes/Comments. The fields that are available depend on your source system. For example, Cerner® and MEDITECH® source systems offer more fields than other backend systems. If your organization has implemented the Health Information Exchange feature and it is enabled in your user profile, you will also see a field for Source (the hospital or practice from which the medication information was derived).

Why Don't I See This Feature?