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Viewing CPOE Orders
You can access and view CPOE orders in the Orders module if your administrator has enabled this feature for you.
The CPOE Orders module displays the recent orders for the selected patient, including the name of each order, the start date, and the status (such as active, pending, or complete). These orders may be derived from the institution’s source HIM order entry system, or they may have been entered directly in PatientKeeper. This module allows for viewing, entering, and modifying orders (see also Entering Orders).
During rounding, you have ready access to a complete list of the patient’s recent orders so that you can take appropriate action. You can:
Review the Summary list of new and existing orders.
Identify the type order by its icon.
Sort the list of orders.
Filter the list of orders to view just a subset.
View the details of one specific order.

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