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Sorting the List of Orders
The Orders Summary has two sections, each with its own default sort order:
The New Orders section lists the orders in the reverse order that you entered them, with the last order that you entered at the top of the list, and the first order that you entered at the bottom of the list.
The Existing Orders section always lists any expiring medication orders first. The remaining orders are then sorted as follows:
-First, the orders are grouped together by order Type, and the types are listed in a specific fixed order: all Medication orders are listed together first, then all Lab orders, all Radiology, Other, Diet, and Nursing.
-Within each order Type, the orders are then sorted by order Status, which effectively groups orders of the same status together. The statuses are listed in a specific fixed order: Submitted, Queued, Ordered, Held for Routing, Active, Held, In Progress, Pending, DC (discontinued), Complete, and Cancelled.
NOTE: The Held for Routing status applies only if your organization has configured orders from Transfer Order Reconciliation to be held for routing, until the patient is actually transferred to their new location.
-Within each Status, the orders are then listed alphabetically by order Description.
You cannot change the sort order for the New Orders section. You can change the way the list of Existing Orders is sorted, but keep in mind that expiring medication orders will always be displayed at the top of the list. For example, if you change the sort order to alphabetic by description, the expiring medication orders will be shown at the top of the list in alphabetic order by description, and then all other orders will shown underneath that, also in alphabetic order by description.
1. From the Orders Summary, tap Filter under the Existing Orders section. By default, the button shown is labeled with a description of any filters that are applied.
The Filter Orders screen is displayed, showing your current filter and sort selections.
2. Scroll down and set the following sort options as you want them to be applied:
-Under the Group By section, turn the Group By Type option On or Off as desired. When Group By Type is On, all of the orders of the same type are grouped together, and then the additional sorting options that you choose are applied within each group. For example, if Group By Type is On, and sorting is by Date in Ascending order, you will see all of the Diet orders listed in chronological order by date, and then all of the Lab orders listed in chronological order by date, and so on.
-Under the Sort By section, select the attribute by which you want to sort.
Description sorts alphabetically by order name (A-Z or Z-A).
Date sorts by the order’s start date.
Status sorts by the order’s status (in a specific fixed order, as described above), with a secondary sort by order Description.
-For the attribute you selected in the Sort By section, select the order in which you want to sort (Ascending or Descending).
3. Tap Done.
The existing orders are displayed in the order that you selected.
The same sort order remains selected until you choose something different.

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