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Viewing the History for an Order
You can see the entire history for a particular order from the Order Details screen. For example, you can view information such as the date and time the order was placed, the physician who placed and signed the order, if the order was ever on hold, and the current status of the order. This historical information is available only on existing orders, since new unsubmitted orders do not yet have any history. Please note that if the order was just submitted, there might be a slight delay before the Order History is available.
NOTE: This feature is available only if enabled by your administrator and only if your source system is MEDITECH® Magic.
To view an order’s history:
1. In the Order Summary, tap an order to select it.
The Order Details screen opens and displays the information for that order.
2. Tap Order History .
The Order History screen displays a complete history of the order from the time it was placed until the current moment.
3. When you are done, tap Cancel to go back to the Order Details screen and tap Back to go back to the Order Summary.

Why Don't I See This Feature?