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Viewing Order Details
The Order Summary lists all the important status information for the selected patient, including the date and time, the name and number of orders, and the order status. This Summary might be all you need when you are rounding or checking a patient’s orders. For more information, such as the Ordering Physician and Department Status for an order, go to the Details for that order.
To review the Details for an order, tap an order to select it. The Details screen opens and displays the information for that order which can include Status, Department Status, Start Date, Stop Date, Ordering Physician, and Details. The fields that are available depend on your source system. If your organization has implemented the Health Information Exchange feature and it is enabled in your user profile, you will also see a field for Source (the hospital or practice from which the order information was derived).
The Status field displays the status as it appears with your order entry system. Typically, you will see statuses such as Canceled, Completed, Deleted, Incomplete, In Process, Ordered, Pending, Suspended, Unscheduled, or Discontinued. The Department Status field displays the status from the department system processing the order. This varies by department. An example of a blood bank status is Blood Drawn.
From the Details screen you can:
Move to the Details screen for the next order status in the patient’s Summary list. Swipe right to left.
Move to the Details screen for the previous order status in the patient’s Summary list. Swipe left to right.
Go back to the Summary list and select a different order status. Tap Back .

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