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Viewing Visit Information
The main screen of the Patient Details module displays information about the patient’s currently selected visit (the one that you selected on the Patient List prior to accessing the Patient Details module). If you want to see a list of the patient’s other visits, or if you want to see the details of any of those visits, you can easily do so.
1. From the Patient Details module, tap Expand located on the right side of the active visit.
The Visits screen displays a list of all of the patient’s visits. The Active Visits section displays the currently selected visit and the Other Visits section display any other visits. If a visit is on the current patient list, it shows the Patients icon: .
2. To switch visits, select a visit from the Other Visits section.
The Patient Details screen is redisplayed with the newly selected visit listed at the top of the screen.
The Selected Visit section of the screen displays additional information about the visit. The data that is available depends on the fields selected by your system administrator.

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