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Test Results at a Glance
The Test Results module displays the selected patient’s recent test results in an easy-to-scan Summary list.
The patient heading row shows the selected patient’s name, age, gender, location, and MRN. Use this information to verify that this is the right patient.
The module heading row displays the number of Test Results for the patient, such as “Test Results (9 of 9)”. When you apply a filter, this line is updated. For example, if only two Test Results match the filter, the message is updated to “Test Results (5 of 9)”.
Each Test Result is displayed on a separate line that shows the Test name, and the Date and Time of the test, and the Status (such as Final, Pending, or Preliminary; your institution might use different status names). The line may also show the Source of the test result information (the hospital or practice from which it was derived).
An X-ray icon is displayed next to any test result that has an image associated with it, such as might be the case for EKGs, echocardiograms, or CT scans. Tap the icon to view the image. The icon is present only if your organization has implemented the optional Mobile Imaging feature. See Viewing Images Associated with Test Results.
To see the full textual report for a particular test, tap the name of the test. The Test Results Details are displayed. See Viewing Test Result Details.

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