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Viewing Images Associated with Test Results
If your organization has implemented the optional Mobile Imaging feature, you can view the images associated with certain tests such as EKGs, echocardiograms, or radiologic tests. When implemented, the Test Results Summary screen displays an X-ray button in the far right column for any report that has an image associated with it. This feature is available only both iPad and iPhone devices.
1. From the Test Results Summary screen, tap the X-ray button for the test result whose image(s) you want to view.
The Mobile Imaging feature is launched and the associated image(s) are displayed. The test result might consist of one or more images or videos.
2. Manipulate the images as desired. Depending on the type of images available for the test, there may be additional controls at the bottom of the screen that allow you to move to the next or previous image, select the number of images to display at once, play or pause the video, zoom in or out, and so on. If your device is in landscape mode, you may need to scroll down to view these controls.
3. When you are done viewing the images, tap Back to go back to the Test Results Summary.

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